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Given how easy and accessible the internet is do you think that I would be lying to you when I said that the amount of people who log on daily is constantly growing?

It’s. In actual fact, “constant” internet usage for adults grew by 5% within three years, as per Pew research. Although we talk about this often however, the way that people shop and shop has evolved with it which means that offline marketing isn’t as efficient as it used be.

An experienced inbound marketer could claim that inbound marketing and digital marketing are almost the exact identical, however there are a few minor distinctions. In my conversations with marketers and business owners across countries like the U.S., U.K., Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, I’ve learned lots about how those tiny distinctions are being observed throughout the globe.

Digital marketing lets you connect with a larger market than traditional methods. It also allows you to target those prospects that are most likely to purchase products or services. It’s also more affordable than traditional marketing and allows you to evaluate your success on a daily basis, and change your strategies depending on your own needs.

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