It’s worth it to sell on Etsy in 2021. It’s one the fastest and easiest ways for handmade products to go online, and it also has a shopping cart function. This is a lower-risk financial option than building a website. It takes only a few hours to set up a professional-looking shop. You also don’t have to pay domain or hosting fees. While you might not see immediate results from Etsy’s shoppers right away, existing customers will be able to shop with you immediately.

Once your Etsy shop has been set up, and you have listed items, you can email the link to your friends or share it on social media. It takes time to master Etsy, and skill to get your listings to the top of Google. It takes longer for a website to show up in the top Google results. These are the reasons why I think it is worth it for a craft company to sell on Etsy, while the world adjusts.

PROS & CONS OF SELLING ON ETSY Etsy has been making many changes in recent years, and will continue to do so. Etsy’s number one priority is to make money. They’ll do whatever’s best for your business, and not yours. Many Etsy sellers are now questioning whether it’s worth continuing to sell on Etsy after the recent changes. These are the top Etsy pros & cons to help you decide if Etsy is worth your time for your handmade company.

ETSY PROS EASY, QUICK & LOW-COST It is easy to open a shop while keeping costs low. You can either hire someone to design your website or you can build it yourself. Hosting and domain fees will also be charged. Etsy makes it easy for you to create listings, edit listings and update your shop.

ETSY HAS A RECOGNIZED AUDIENCE It would take months or even years for a website to appear on the first Google page if it were to be created today. Google is more competitive than Etsy because it lists all websites in the world. Etsy lets you set up an online shop, and allows shoppers to view it instantly.

GOOD TESTING GROUND Etsy is a great way to get started and test the market before you invest more money in a website. When it comes to starting your own handmade business, there is so much to do and learn. Etsy makes it easy to build and maintain a website. You can start to make money, grow your brand, and get to know your customers. Before you can add more, first. You can learn a lot from Etsy to ensure your website launches smoothly.

ETSY CONS COMPETITION While Etsy is well-known, and it attracts a lot of shoppers, it’s also known by other handmade business owners. It has become very competitive over the years, and every category saturated, so Etsy cannot drive shoppers to your shop. These shoppers will need to be paid for or worked on by you. This time and money can be used to build your own loyal customer base and not be distracted by the thousands of products or sellers on the internet.

COPYCATS Etsy is a popular marketplace for crafters. This makes it easy to sell your products and get copied by others. I don’t like to create fear, and I wouldn’t encourage you to do so.butCopycats can make it difficult for you to put your work online. It’s possible that eventually, regardless of whether you are on Etsy or otherwise, your work will be copied. However, the more you establish your brand and become known for your product, the harder it will be for copycats to take customers away from your company. Etsy has many copycat products that are right next to yours, and they are only a click away from shoppers.

LACK OF CUSTOMER LOVE Your brand is a fan when shoppers sign up to your newsletter, visit your website and follow you on social media. People visit Etsy because they are a fan of Etsy, and they are looking for handmade products.Not only handmade products. They will likely come across many sellers selling similar products, and they may decide to shop based on the lowest price, fastest shipping, etc. It’s similar to shopping at the grocery shop. It’s likely that you don’t know any of the farmers involved in the production of the vegetables. You may not care about where they came from as long as there is a wide selection. Let’s suppose you have a relationship with a farmer in your area. You have seen the land where they grow vegetables, met their owners, and are familiar with their business processes. It’s probable that you will feel more loyal to the farmer and make an effort to purchase vegetables from them.

BRANDING DISAPPOINTMENT Etsy doesn’t allow you to control all aspects of your business’ brand. You can modify the colors, fonts and layout of your website. These aren’t options you can adjust on Etsy. Your shop name, images, and text are all that Etsy shoppers have access to. Let’s suppose my brand is very high-end. Because we use the same fonts, font colors, layouts, etc., it would be difficult for me to make my Etsy shop feel more expensive than my Etsy competitors. However, I have complete control over every aspect of my website so that my products look “high-end”. This makes my prices appear reasonable to customers.

EASIER TO ADD EMAILS TO YOUR LIST Email marketing is one the most effective methods to market. It’s therefore important to do so. Every handmade business should have a newsletter.Although it is possible to market your newsletter via Etsy, it is not possible to create a signup form in your Etsy shop. It is easy to get people to sign up for your newsletter if the form is in front of them. To make it easier for people to access the form, you need to add steps. less most likely to sign up.